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Part 1   7th April 2012   Collecting parts.

I've been thinking that I would like another strat but the one in my head isn't available so I'm making my own  (from parts and adjusting where necessary).

Two things that I've fancied in a strat but not tried yet are lace sensor pickups and a reverse headstock.

Luckily a couple of weeks ago a very nice chap on musicradar sold me some lace pickups for a rather good price. 

The part spotting and collecting has begun. 

A few days later another nice chap on musicradar sold me a neck plate.

Today I collected a very nice neck from ebay.  Subltle birdseye and a great feel to it.   The colour is a little pale for my liking but I'll look into a subtle stain to correct that.

Here is first collection of parts.    Now we're looking for a body - a nice flame top is my first thought but we shall see what turns up over the next fews weeks.


Update - 1st June

After a lot of searching around I've found I nice body...  3 piece ash with a flame top.  Now to find a decent bridge and start putting it together...



Showmaster -  I got distracted by a bargain....

Here's the original I bought...

I stripped and rebuilt it so i plays nicely and had it refinished by one of my pupils...